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Fun Pix

Here is a list of stuff I've photographed or scanned that amuses me somehow.  I hope some of it amuses you too.

Several of these are signs I've photographed, such as Catfish and Exotic Paint.  There's something about the permanence and the intentional publicness of a sign that, when it goes awry in some way, tickles me more than the same sort of oops in, say, a business letter or a school essay.

Some of the scans are of ads in newspapers, which are less permanent than signs but are still intentionally public and, presumably, intended to impress the reader.  A few of the scans are of newspaper comics that have stood my test of time or, in one case, confuses me.  And some are scans of straight news articles that struck me funny.

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Some of the Fun Pix you can choose from the list at right are self-explanatory, a few are not, and the rest are in between.  To be safe you should always at least scroll to the bottom of each page.

To go through these Fun Pix pages one by one in order, use the <<Previous and Next>> buttons you'll find at the top and bottom.  For more information about this main Fun Pix page go here.

If you aren't relaxing and enjoying yourself you aren't doing it right.  And if you find yourself wandering off to other parts of this Web site, you are doing it right, so -- at least according to what people tell me -- this might be a good place to set a bookmark.
















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  Driver's Test article  
  Church Sign sign  
  Street Sign sign  
  Closed sign  
  Exotic Paint sign  
  Ace Sign signs  
  My Hat comic  
  Van Sign sign  
  Good Legs ad  
  More Legs ad  
  Toes photo.  
  Neighbor photos  
  Hizzoner sign.  
  h4h Catfish sign  
  h4h Owie photos.  
  h4h Making Do photo.  
  h4h Dump Truck sign.  
  h4h Pepsi v. Coke sign  
  h4h Apostrophes mural  
  h4h One Way signs.  
  h4h Wednesday sign  
  h4h Try, Try Again sign  
  h4h Used Tires signs  
  h4h Tules labels  
  h4h Open Safe sign  
  h4h Sandwich sign  
  h4h AB's Menu sign  
  h4h Kitty's Menu sign  
  h4h Pancho's Menu sign  
  h4h Rentokil sign  
  h4h Stand 305 sign.  
  h4h Falafel sign sign.  
  h4h Welcome sign  
  Mother's Day ad  
  Mini-Tool ad  
  Henry K photo  
  Warehouse sign  
  Trespass signs.  
  No Bikes sign  
  Vending Machine sign  
  No U-turn signs  
  Outboard Mystery photos  
  Houseboat photo  
  Mace ad  
  Horoscope article.  
  Tree Sign sign  
  Dadeville sign  
  Fire Truck PHOTO  
  Ownlee ad  
  Precisely ad  
  Dilbert comics.  
  Suspect article  
  Convenient AD  
  3 White Chix photo  
  Nine Inches sign  
  Dogs and Cats comics.  
  Rev. Dr. Abe ad  
  Whoa Whoa comic  
  Gamesman misc  
  Career ad  
  Bad Parking PHOTOS  
  Lawn sign  
  Discreet ad  
  Excepted ad  
  Money Laundry sign  
  Sign Car photo  
  Return Policy receipt  
  No Wires misc  
  Paper Clip scan  
  Round Thing scan  
  Pumpkin photos  
  No Food sign  
  The Secret sign  
  Your Seat ad  
  Last Laugh article.  
  ER Stat sign  
  Geometry article  
  Towel sign  
  Nut Bolt comic  
  End Recklessness PHOTO  
  Bean articles  
  P. Board signs  
  License Plate photos.  
  Realtor Ad ad  
  Human Error article  
  Sure articles  
  Geronimo article  
  Legally article  
  Spell-check articles  
  Ugandans signs.  
  Funny Money scan  
  Monkeys article.  
  Stack No More sign  
  Stacked photo  
  Taco's sign  
  Honda's signs.  
  Typo article  
  Way Below article  
  Moving Sale signs  
  Last Words PHOTO  
  Adapting sign  
  Mouse Trap photo  
  Dyslexia article  
  Liquor Store Sign sign  
  Taiwanglish article.  
  Dumb and Dumber ads  
  Good Ol ad  
  Speed Limit PHOTO  
  Intersection signs  
  Video Store sign  
  Daily v. Weekly signs  
  Free Quotes misc.  
  X-ray X-ray  
  Penguins VIDEOS  
  By Marc photo  
  Differences ad  
  Read This text  
  Goggles label.  
  Encyclopedia book  
  Joxtaposition label  
  Costa Rica trip photos  
  What Is It? photo  
  What Is It? photos.  
  What Is It? photo  
  Scarecrow photos  
  All You Wear ad  
  Mr. Hunt article  
  Millions article  
  All Products ad  
  One Number booklet  
  Marco comic  
  Worry-free ad  
  Twists labels  
  Three Easy Steps labels  
  You Do the Math label  
  Illegally Blond photo  
  Eye Chart photos  
  High Price photo  
  Amazing Product ad  
  Help Wanted sign  
  Wrong Definition sign  
  Company Name signs  
  On Off sign  
  Off On ad  
  Speed Limit sign  
  Out of Order signs  
  Report Card card  
  Match Box label  
  Santa photo  
  Slashed ad  
  Planet Sub sign  
  Once Only sign  
  Punch tag  
  Funny Politician article  
  Goodyear ad  
  No Exit sign  
  Plastic Bags labels  
  Toast Kiss article  
  Warranty Hook label  
  St. Pat's Parade article  
  Bad Tattoos photo.  
  Spinning Dancer gif.  
  Big Sale ad  
  Cartoons? cartoons  
  Bad Timing article  
  Just Missed It sign  
  Goodrem on Pandora album  
  Drugs Bad sign  
  Check Your Ad ad.  
  Truck Sign ad  
  Camouflage Pricing signs  
  Improved Sign sign  
  Bad Math ad  
  Unick Movers sign  
  Trump on eBay offer.  
  Trump Is a Sadist photo.  
  Dog Park Sign sign  
  Bad Name sign  
  Chips Bag ad  
  Weird Thoughts sign.  
  Weight sign  





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