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BarelyBad.com is getting a much-needed refresh. Things might be in disarray — you'll see old pages and new pages. Thanks for your patience while we sweep up and thanks for visiting.

Welcome to this ever-growing collection of things both silly and serious I feel a need to show and say to you.  Explore at will till you find something you like or don't.

If you missed it, here's the first place I offer you a dollar.

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Who I am, and why this Web site is

I'm a 68-year old science student located somewhere within striking distance of you.  My hobbies include echolalia, grump-baiting, frottage and echolalia, and I'm the emergency backup president of France.

Catchphrase since November 8, 2016: "A bad person makes a worse U.S. president."  Apparently The Washington Post agrees with me.  Here's the headline as of October 9, 2020.

But none of that matters.  What matters is that the purpose of this Web site is to entertain or engage or maybe even momentarily entrance you one way or another, no matter how hard I have to try.  After reading how easy it is to navigate this site, at right, you might want to see what else is on this Home page, then branch off into whatever interests you.  If I'm doing this right you can't go wrong.

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The guestbook has turned out to be more interesting than I would have thought when I instituted it in late 1996.  To be sure, some of the entries are banal and some are inscrutable.  Some are complimentary and some are, well, not.  And a few are worth reading.

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Most of the pages on this Web site are fairly short, such as so many of the ones listed on the Fun Pix page.  But over the years I have taken on a few projects that I've published here, long pieces involving dozens of hours in some cases and many hundreds in others.  Below is a list of some of those projects.

Notably missing is the collection of my many spreadsheets, which is a project I'm still working on presenting to you.

● Microsoft FSX
If you own Microsoft's Flight Simulator version X (FSX) -- as many hundreds of thousands of people happily still do -- here's a lot of information I'll bet you wish you knew.
● Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is a worthwhile not-for-profit that strives to provide decent housing at a low cost to deserving families.  You can read a little more about it as well as my own take on construction site philosophy here.

If you are scheduled to or might ever want to be a volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity construction site, or if you ever just wanted to know how to use a circular saw or set a ladder safely, the How-To Articles contain a lot of information I'll bet you wish you knew.

These hundred pages took about 1,500 hours to create.  Each page is designed to be perfectly viewable online and perfectly printable to paper.

● States north of Canada
If you are unsure how many U.S. states are at least partly north of the southernmost point of Canada, here's a lot of information I'll bet you wish you knew.

This one long page with its many outside links has taken me maybe a hundred hours so far to create, and it contains useful information, including a mathematically perfect (and free) spreadsheet that converts various distances, even if you don't care that it also pretty much makes me the world's foremost expert on the subject.

● Mark Manning
If you know who Mark Manning is, here's a lot of information I'll bet you wish you knew.

If you don't, you might be interested to know that this project has taken maybe a couple hundred hours since June 1, 2010, so it's not like I haven't been trying.

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Some of the branches have twigs, and some of them have twiglets, and some of them intertwine, and they all count.  I recommend you click pretty much everything in site, although if you try to experience all of it you'll be here quite awhile, so if you want to set a bookmark, this is where to.


Tip: If you aren't enjoying yourself and relaxing here, you aren't doing it right.


● Amazon reviews
A few bits of a few of the reviews I've submitted to Amazon are somewhat interesting, or so a few readers have said.  But much more interesting are the comments made by the many people who positively hate them.  Go HERE.

If you want to see the videos I've uploaded to YouTube, which you really don't, go HERE.

● Facebook
FWIW, here's my Facebook page, I think, although so far I still don't understand exactly how to use it.


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If you think you've seen enough (there are over 330 pages so far counting the hundred How-To articles pages), if you have any comments or questions, or if you want to make any positive, supportive, constructive suggestions (a popular one so far has been "You're site sucks"), .

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