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Here are some scalpels I own, plus some high-grade tweezers.   I've got other stuff too, like a real stethoscope.

scalpels.jpg (14849 bytes)

The #11, shown here in a single-use, plastic model, is at the bottom.  Its chief virtue is the sharply angled and extremely sharp point, used for making a small slice from an exact spot.  The two above that are multiple-use stainless steel handles fitted with disposable #10 blades, used for less precise but longer incisions and other cutting.  It's usually the #10 you see on TV, because it's the #10 that's used for the initial incision into chests and abdomens.  The tweezers at the top are Swiss-made and would be suitable for removal of a wood splinter from your finger or bilateral corneal transplants, whichever you prefer.

I won't be able to autoclave any of the instruments for your free surgery, but I can swoosh 'em around in my mug of beer first if that'd make you feel any better.


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