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How To Navigate this Site

This purpose of this page is to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate your way from place to place on this Web site, but if I've done everything else right then you don't really need to read further.  You can search this site and see the site map, above, or you can keep reading.

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Top and bottom nav bars
Top and bottom Universal nav bars.  At the top and bottom of every page (take a look now) you'll find a main navigation bar showing the four main sections of this site -- Home, Stuff, Crossword, and Fun Pix.  Every page on this site, about 330 so far, is categorized under one of these four main sections, and the top and bottom main nav bars are the same everywhere.
  • At the far left of the top one you can click this question mark  ?  to return to this very page.

  • At the far left of the bottom one you can click the yellow up-pointing arrow to go to the top of whatever page you're on.  Try it.

(Note that all the words in the universal nav bar are searched using the Find feature (Control-F or Edit | Find) of IE's browser.  If Find finds an instance of a search term that isn't highlighted on the page, simply click Find Next.)

Top and bottom Page-specific nav bars.  Immediately below each main nav bar is a page-specific nav bar, on the same blue background, that shows you special links you might want to click from that exact page.

  • For example, some series of ordered pages show "Previous --- Next" links in the page-specific nav bars.

  • Or just as another example, in the bottom page-specific nav bar of this very page you'll find a link to "Site Search and Site Map" (which happens to be at the top of this very page).  Try it.

Previous and Next links    Previous      Next   
If there's a series where you might want to read the pages in the order I suggest, you'll see "Previous" and "Next" links in the page-specific nav bars.  Hover your cursor over the two links in the white box immediately above to see a description of where each one will take you, then try them.
  • If you see only a "Previous" link, that's to tell you you've drilled down as far as you can (congratulations!), and the link will take you back.

  • Note that "Previous" is not necessarily the same as clicking your browser's Back button, and "Next" is not necessarily the same as clicking your browser's Forward button.

  • Each page under the rather long list of Fun Pix shows a special version of the Previous and Next links, to wit, they look like this: <<Previous   Next>>, with the double arrows.

  • The "Home" page of each such ordered series can be linked to at the right side of the page-specific nav bar.

In a few selected places you'll find a Back button icon, which performs exactly the same function as clicking the Back button of your browser.  These are merely reminders for those of you who wandered onto a new page to read something I linked you to and who, having read it or decided it's crap, want to get back whence you came.
  • This very page is a good example of where a Back button icon is useful, because this very page can be reached in one click from every other page on this site.  Accordingly, immediately above is a working Back button icon, and you'll find one at the bottom as well as at the top of this page.  Try one.

  • Also, did you know that in Internet Explorer and Netscape, you can also hit the backspace key to go back a page?  Try it.

Backgrounds' color schemes


To help you stay even better grounded lest you get lost, certain related groups of pages have special combinations of background colors for (1) the entire page, (2) the wide column of body text, and (3) sometimes a sidebar on the right for auxiliary content.


Top-of-page links

Some pages are quite long vertically, and it's handy for you to be able to get back to the top if you want without having to scroll a lot (although just leaning on the PageUp key also works).  Accordingly, you'll find a number of well-placed links that do nothing more than take you instantly, with no re-loading, to the top of the page you're on.  The links appear in the following three varieties.  Try them.

Narrative description What it looks like
(1) The up-pointing yellow arrow at the far left of the main navigation bar at the bottom of every page Top of page
(2) Any graphic that looks kind of like a rainbow Top of page
(3) Any clickable text that just says, "Top."  Duh. Top
Fun Pix list conventions

Back to Fun Pix list

The main list of the Fun Pix pages, because it is so long, employs a few special conventions to help you.
  • If you want to go through the Fun Pix in order in order to make sure you don't miss one, simply use the aforementioned "Previous" and "Next" links provided at the top and bottom of each page, except that unlike all the other "Previous" and "Next" links on this site, on the Fun Pix pages they appear with double arrows, like this: <<Previous   Next>>.
  • Starting in roughly 2003 the fun pix are in roughly chronological order.  Brand new fun pix are added to the bottom of the list, although certain new fun pix are added to the already-existing pages where they belong.
  • If the term in the type column (sign, ad, article, etc.) is in ALL CAPS, the fun pic was contributed by someone else; if the term is followed by a period, that indicates rather a longer batch of text than normal.
  • Also, in the right column of the page-specific nav bars there's always a text link that says, "Back to Fun Pix list."  This link will take you to the top of that list.
  • Also, unlike almost every page under Home, Stuff and Crossword, with rare exceptions the pages under Fun Pix do not have a sidebar at the right.
Links in all caps

MIDDLE ISLAND         Middle Island

Text links to any Web page outside this site are rendered in all capital letters.  Links within this site are in proper case.
  • Here, for example, is a link you know will take you somewhere within this site, i.e., the domain name will still be barelybad.com.

  • But if you click HERE you know you'll be taken elsewhere, and it's up to you to remember to use your browser's controls to get back.

To repeat, you don't need to memorize any of the information above about how to navigate this site.  Any of it you absorb might help a bit, but basically you should just go wherever you want and trust that despite the intertwining nature of this site you'll have a fighting chance of knowing where you came from, where you are, and where you might want to go next.

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