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House Boat

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You probably can't tell from the scan, but there's a pair of wheels under this extraordinary structure that allows it to roll down the boat ramp a few feet into the Lake of the Ozarks so that it's floating.

This "houseboat" sports two enclosed stories and a deck on the lake side.  It's fully wired for electricity that comes from the main house (at far right).  Right of that house is the house I spent two weeks in in the Fall of 1995 with my sweetie at the time.




Bus Boat


Update of August 19, 2010:

My mom and I were riding on my motorcycle and stopped to get an ice cream.  In the parking lot we found this extraordinary vehicle.

From the front it looks like a standard-issue bus.  You can even see the door on its right side.

But behind that point you can see that is not at all a normal bus.  For instance, it looks like there's a porthole several feet astern of that door.

The operator of this extraordinary vehicle, Xander, is shown here casually examining it.



From abaft of starboard you can see a nautical theme developing.  Amidships you see what look like fishing nets, and at the stern you see what looks for all the world like a wheelhouse.

And you see a big pole sticking out the back.



Believe it or not, when disassembled and then quite differently reassembled, the bus above turns into the vehicle at right.

It is a working fishing boat.


Imagine how long it must take to reconfgure the bus into a boat, and how long it must take to turn it back into a bus.

Now imagine how long it must have taken to figure all this out.

And why.


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