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These three photos show parts of the front fašade of a building that used to house a hair and nail salon.  The images were painted onto the stucco, and they're about four feet tall.  As you can see, the first one shows off ghetto talons, the second one shows off a fancy hairdo, and the third one shows off both.

But since the time these paintings were made the building has been sold to a company that sells cell phones and pagers.  (I know, because as I was taking these photos the owner came out and asked me what the hell I was doing.  We got to talking, and I even gave him the URL of this very page in case he wanted to check it out.)

He told me that what he decided was that, rather than erasing the paintings (which are striking considering how big they are) and starting over, he'd hired a different artist to make some adaptations.

In the first one the artist added a pager on a beaded string.  In the second one he added a cell phone in use.  In the third one he added a cell phone to the woman's hand.  But he didn't pay quite enough attention, which is why all three of these are Fun Pix.


threefingers2.jpg (5432 bytes)

threefingers3.jpg (7466 bytes)

threefingers1.jpg (7340 bytes)

First, the pager is much too big compared to the hands.  The owner said that if they'd made it any smaller "you couldn't tell it was a pager."

Second, the string of beads doesn't obey gravity.

Third, because of the way the added pager interferes with the original bracelet on the left hand (which does obey gravity), it looks to me like her right arm takes a strange and unnatural bend to the right just at the wrist.

You can see how the cell phone has been added to the left side of the woman's face.

First, there's no explanation what holds it up against gravity.

Second, it looks like the original hairdo at the bottom is now a leak of some kind of dark liquid from the bottom of the phone.

But this is the best one.

As you can count, because of the cell phone transplantation this woman has suffered a total amputation of her left index finger.


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