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Honda's and Semi's

Here are some examples of excessive apostrophes I have spotted and photographed and scanned for you.


keys.jpg (13720 bytes)

The following is a further rant-and-rage about ignorant punctuation.  How did this Medina moron ever get the idea that the plural of key is key's?  Why do so many people think you pluralize by adding an apostrophe before the "s"?

I mean, surely he must have read the word keys several dozen times in the course of training to be a locksmith.  And surely he must have seen it several hundred times more in the course of actually being a locksmith, what with reading other locksmiths' signs and reading all those catalogs and boxes of merchandise and trade journals and such.  Yet he thinks the plural of key is key's.


hondas1.jpg (10345 bytes) What were the owner of this shop and the sign-makers thinking?


semis.jpg (7978 bytes) I'll bet they were thinking the same thing as whoever wrote and approved this one.

What I think is, I think there's something about nouns ending in a vowel that sets 'em off.  They don't mind Trucks or Cars, but somehow Semis and Hondas don't look like plural words to them.  Ick.


greatideas.gif (2426 bytes) This photo is of a sign hanging outside a store in a mall near here.


supplys.gif (1510 bytes) Now here's a strange one.  This is from an ad for Avery-brand labeling software, showing a sample CD label.


doghouse.gif (8,675 bytes)  

This might be one of the best I've found, from a restaurant near me.

  • Hotdog's
  • Burger's & Sandwich's
  • Chicken Nugget's, and, no kidding,
  • Kids Meal's.



Also, it's hard to tell, but they do offer a "Chicago Style Hot Dog."  Having consumed way too many authentic Chicago dogs in the four years I lived in the Windy City, I can tell you that there is hardly a better WAY to prepare one.


menandwomens.jpg (5,937 bytes) 03062003 This is from a grocery store I use.

I can imagine the signmaker saying to himself, "Well, maybe I'll get one of 'em right."




Here's a similar but much more expensive version of the same problem.






womanmisses.jpg (13,663 bytes) 05212004 300 X 175



Update of July 2004: I don't have a scan of this example because it was on a television ad.  The ad is for a car dealership, Bob Allen Ford, that sells a variety of -- and I'm still not kidding --




congradulations.gif (5,244 bytes) 11182004 500 X 210 Not counting the questionable choice to use a different font for each line, can you find all four outright errors?


This is the best of about five shots I took, looking in through the front glass of a bar.

They got Wednesdays right but Thursdays just didn't look right to them without an apostrophe.


From an ad in the July 16, 2011, edition of the Kansas City Star for Sears and Kmart: If it's "Styles" and not "Style's," then why is it "Bra's" and not "Bras"?

Also, which cup is missing?



You'll find a trio of odd apostrophe choices here.  And a really good one here.

There're two more examples of excessive punctuation to see, both here and there too.

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