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Can you do this?

And if you can, can you do it with a smile?

You can also hear her here, at Cuter Noise.

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I took this and the other three pix below of B in October of 1999, at age 5.75 (her age, not mine).  She and her mother and I were taking a walk on this extra fine nature path next to where I live when B looked up at me and said, "I need to go potty bad."

Her mother recognized what I've taken to calling the potty polka, so we knew she couldn't make it all the way back to my house.  I told B to go into the bushes, pull down her pants, and squat (which, I hereby note for the record, she had done successfully once before, but -- and this is important -- while wearing shorts).

Before I knew it she had taken exactly one step off the path and lowered her sweat pants, preparing to squat, which meant she was still competely visible to the other people walking by.  She had misunderstood, thinking I was asking her to go into the bushes to protect the paved path.  I explained that she needed to go INTO the bushes, and I walked her several feet into the brush, then took up my post as a shield (more for my own sake than hers, apparently).

When she came back she was all smiles again, as this photo shows.

toes3a.jpg (10174 bytes)

Here's the second photo I took.  As you can see if you look carefully, she did go potty bad.

As you can also see, she's either oblivious to or entirely unconcerned about a haberdasherial condition that if, say, you're going on stage to receive a Nobel Prize with ought to concern you a little.

toes2a.jpg (8359 bytes)

And if you're going on stage to receive your Nobel with your clothes in the condition B's are in, after your acceptance speech you should definitely back your way off the stage.

toes4.jpg (14348 bytes)

This is the fourth pic, showing B playing atop a stele in a pocket park a few steps away from what is already known as "the bushes incident."

Just left of B's right knee is the top of her mother's head.  She's shy.



But best of all is what appears to be the single dark spot at the bottom right of the monument.  Click it to find out what it is.


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