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Costa Rica Trip

During the last two weeks of March of 1999 Annette and I vacationed in Costa Rica, where I took some photos.  (We had a great time, the weather was fine, and we wish you'd been there.)


suicideshower.jpg (4083 bytes) The water available from showers in Costa Rica is offered in one of three temperatures: hot, cold, and "heated."  Heated means the water is warmed only after it gets to the showerhead, a picture of which is at left.

These are called suicide showers because, believe it or not, water comes from the big pipe at the right of the frame, then it enters the big ELECTRIC heating device at the left of the frame.

You probably can't tell from this photo, but two of the electrical connections have been made by the use of exposed electrical tape.

The sign next to this particular showerhead says,


Also, in Jaco, a seaside city on the Pacific coast, we stayed in a hotel called The Copacabana where the shower stall did have a regular showerhead, but on the back wall of that stall, a foot above the floor, where the stream of water from the showerhead hits, was an electrical outlet.

dunninn.jpg (2576 bytes)

We rented a car for three days, and we needed to park it overnight in the capital, San Jose, where everyone told us our car would get robbed or stolen if we left it on the street, so we parked it where our HOTELIER told us to, which was at the gated, guarded parking lot of this nearby hotel.

(If you do go to the Hotel Casa Verde WEB SITE, know that we stayed in the Don Carlos suite, i.e., the big one.)

Update of November 5, 2002:  Thanks to an alert and kindly visitor, I recently learned that the Web site originally linked to above has been removed.  Note that if you click either link above you will be taken to the version of that same, otherwise-extinct page as it was saved back in September of 1999 by the amazing Wayback Machine at ARCHIVE.ORG (10 billion pages and counting).

ticketanymoment.jpg (2796 bytes)

This sign, in English and Spanish, appears above the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park, just south of Quepos.
monkey.jpg (1763 bytes) This monkey appears in Manuel Antonio Park.  He looks real serious here, but he was actually quite the fun-loving little rascal.

He's one of a troop of capuchins, about which you can learn a little more here.

barefood.jpg (3805 bytes) We saw this sign outside a massage parlor in the Otoya neighborhood of San Jose.
necklesses.jpg (3003 bytes) Is this self-explanatory?
rebarforest.jpg (6517 bytes) Annette and I spent seven hours in (and $100 on) a taxi we took from San Jose to Santa Elena, way up in the lovely, cloud-shrouded mountains of the Monteverde region  (motto: "Most Buses Driven Off Cliffs in Central America").  Annette did the canopy tour adventure, which I'll ask her to write about for this space.

What you see at left is a photo of a vacant lot I wandered past in Santa Elena.  What sort of plant is that, and what's the scale?

The scale is that those rod-like things are about ten feet long.  Does that help you identify the plant?

No?  Then let me tell you.

Those rod-like things are actually lengths of re-bar, used in the construction of a lot of buildings in Costa Rica.  They're quite rusted, so they must have been there a long time.  I have no idea why someone stuck a couple hundred feet of re-bar in the ground, but it had to have been expensive.

bumbum.jpg (2853 bytes) Belmont is a cigarette brand, and they have signs like these all over Costa Rica, like Coke does.  This one advertises the Kiosko El Bum Bum, which is a tavern in Puntarenas.

Another Belmont sign Annette and I liked even better but didn't get a photo of says at the bottom, "Extra Suave."

hamburguesa.jpg (3884 bytes) All over Costa Rica are these tiny roadside restaurants called sodas.  This one, as you can see, is about eight feet wide.  It has seating for exactly one customer, so it's a full house.


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