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  This is one of several Fun Pix resulting from my experiences with Habitat For Humanity.
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Problems with Apostrophes

rubyhome1.jpg (10560 bytes)

This photo and the one below show prominent parts of a mural that covers the entirety of the four walls of a largish room in the headquarters of the KCMO affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.


The extremely colorful mural was painted -- under adult supervision, I must add -- in the summer of 2000.  The part shown above measures maybe six square feet, so it's not exactly shy, and the sign below is no shyer.

Here's how this part of the mural developed:

  1. The border of the sign was painted in black.
  2. Then "RUBY HOME for GIRLS" was lettered in red.
  3. Then the field of the sign was filled in with yellow.  (Now, I myself would have done the background before the lettering, but I'm no artist.) 
  4. Only then did someone notice that it was supposed to say, "Ruby's," not just "Ruby."
  5. So the "apostrophe s" got added, but, as you can see, it ended up entirely outside the sign.



rubyhome2.jpg (8364 bytes)

The one at left, which on the actual mural appears immediately to the right of the one above, originally said, "SANDY DRAPES."

Here again, apparently someone realized that was wrong, and it was improved to "SANDYsDRAPIES."


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