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How many of your next-door neighbors have a truck-mounted cannon in their driveway?

This guy, named Manny, told me he was going to "show Macy's a thing or two."  A few days later I learned what he meant.  (Scroll down and you can see too.)














neighbo2.jpg (7372 bytes) This guy also has two signs over his garage.













I know you can't read these signs, below, above this guy's garage, so let me describe them.  The one on the right offers a used furnace for sale.  Now, to me, that's an odd way of selling a furnace, but I don't get around much.

The sign on the left however is considerably more interesting.  I quote verbatim:

garage.jpg (11789 bytes)

For YOU CoMMuNist, EyebaLLiNG
City HaLL CoMpLAiNiNG S.O.B.
GO Back To RussiA To SqueAL
ON PeoPLe.  PeoPLe LiKe you
DON't HAve ReAl PAReNts OF The
SAME SeX.  IF You wouLD GeT
OFF YouR DUFF MAybe you CouLD Be SoMeThing
I'm NOt MAD But I'LL Get EVEN!


Now, I'll admit I can strangle some semblance of sense out of four fifths of this.  But what does he mean by "People like you don't have real parents of the same sex"?


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