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Good Ol' Summertime Shoe Sale

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how did the copywriter, presumably a paid professional, ever manage to get the apostrophe at the beginning of "ol"?

What is 'ol supposed to mean?

I've seen ol' and I've seen ole, but this is a first for me for 'ol.

Second, exactly what is a good old summertime shoe sale?  Did there used to be all these great summertime shoe sales, back in the old days, that I seem to have never heard of?  When did these good old summertime shoe sales start, and when did they pass out of fashion?  Was this during the days of the Wild West or the Depression or when, exactly?  And where did these take place?  Is this a well-known American tradition, like a barn-raising or a county fair, that I just plain never heard about till this ad came along?  (Or is it an attempt to trick you into buying something you otherwise wouldn't?)


Third, how do the marketing people come up with the names of shoes?  For example, the shoe at the top of this ad has been given the name Juniper.  How did that name come about?  Did a marketing expert stare at the shoe for a long time, examining it from all angles, perhaps stroking it, perhaps even smelling it, and only then finally hit upon a revelation?  Is there a special talent to naming shoes -- a sort of sub-specialty -- that I'm unaware of?

"Aha!  Yes, I've got it.  This shoe is a Juniper!  I can see that now."

And then, at the meeting, did her rivals for the boss's favor on the naming committee argue with her?  "Oh, no, that's plainly a Cedar, or maybe a Lynx, but surely not a Juniper."

"I beg to differ," she says.  "Anyone who invests the time I have can just tell that this is frankly a Juniper.  I can see how, if you lowered the heel a quarter-inch, it might could possibly maybe pass for a Cedar, but never a Lynx!"

The second shoe in the ad is named a Saturday.  Why is it not a Friday, or a Sunday?

"This is clearly a weekend shoe.  But I don't think women would feel quite right wearing it on a Friday, because Friday is just a bit too early for this particular style.  Notice the two stripes across the instep, which mark it plainly as a post-Friday shoe, yet still a weekend shoe.  I suppose we could call it a Sunday, and I don't imagine many customers would howl and actually picket us for such a poor choice of name, but I still see this particular model as being a Saturday, don't you?"

"You're right.  I can see that now.  Plus which, that name meshes perfectly with our campaign to reproduce a good 'ol summertime shoe sale."



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