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  This is one of several Fun Pix resulting from my experiences with Habitat For Humanity.
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Many attempts have been made over the years to tame the inventory problems of storing and keeping track of tools and materials and supplies owned by the KCMO Habitat affiliate, what with their being spread out over four buildings and multiple trucks and tool trailers, not to mention half a dozen parked semi-trailers and cargo containers and hundreds of square yards of warehouse and yard floor space.

Many attempts will be made in the future.

In one effort to take control in December of 2007 a staff member who might otherwise have been qualified turned out not to be all that good a speller.  Here are several pix showing her sincere attempts to label objects stored in the affiliate's warehouse.

It's hard to know what this might mean . . .  . . . till you see this one.


Here again it's not obvious -- we use a lot of caulk on Habitat sites -- what this means . . .  . . . till you see this one.


Unlike individual cabinet knobs, which of course aren't labelled as such . . .  . . . all individual laser levels are labelled as such, so if you're not sure how to spell it you can merely look at the object, which says, "LASER" on it in several places.


In case it's not obvious, the term she was searching for was "anchors." In case it's not obvious, the term she was searching for was "Hole Saws."  Did she think we had a separate shelf for Half Saws?

Plumb bobs are intentionally skinny with a sharp point.  (For another mistaken take on "plump," see here.  For legitimate information on plumb bobs as well as string lines and chalk lines, go here.)

This is my third favorite.  Not only is it supposed to be "HFHKC" instead of "KCHFH" but, more important, it's hard to imagine the reason for labelling a plainly yellow object "YELLOW."

This is my second favorite.

In case you can't tell from the partial pictures, she was angling for "Drain Snakes."

This picture is my first favorite . . . so far anyway.

Five words, five errors.


I'm pretty sure Dave Barry would agree that Neddle Noise is a great name for a rock band.



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