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Work the Hardest NYT Crossword Puzzle

Below are the grid and the clues for what I call the Hardest NYT puzzle ever.  You should try to work it.

Note: On some of the older (pre-5) browsers on which I've tested this page, every so often I have to click Reload or Refresh to get the grid to look right.  In any case, it prints right.  And besides, who cares how the grid looks on the screen, unless you're planning to work it all in your head.  (Which reminds me, how can you tell that Dan Quayle has been using the word processor?  When the screen is covered with Wite-Out.)

From here you can do the following:

  • See the grid and clues.  (Just scroll down.)
  • Print the grid and clues to work the Hardest NYT puzzle on paper.
  • If you have installed the Across Lite software, open this file (hardest_puz02.puz, 1,967 bytes), then choose File | Print | Customize.  It took me maybe a minute the first time to figure out the whole deal from there, and I'm an idiot.

  • If you have not installed the Across Lite software you can print the grid (xwd_hardest_grid.gif, 8540 bytes) using Windows by right-clicking on it and choosing Save Picture As . . .   Choose any new name with a gif extension if you like and save it in any folder you like, then call it into any application that will let you print, such as a word processor or your Web browser.

  • Play the Hardest NYT puzzle online.

    If you have installed the Across Lite software you can play the Hardest NYT puzzle here.

  • If you're sure you don't want to play the Hardest NYT puzzle below, you can go to the answer grid page.











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xwd_hardest_grid.gif (8540 bytes)


  ACROSS   4 Leaflet-base appendage
  1 Benchley novel   5 Rosary bead
  5 Harsh   6 O.S.S. successor
10 Levantine coffee cup   7 He, in Tarantao
14 He was: Lat.   8 Space
15 Kepi part   9 Sultanate in Borneo
16 Coloratura Mills 10 Buddhist sect
17 Cause disappointment 11 Schoenberg's "Moses und -----"
20 Vale of -----, near 71 Across 12 Lavabo
21 Hawks' arena 13 Trilbies
22 Insect catcher 18 Japanese kombu ingredient
23 Tyrrhenian Sea island 19 Annuli
26 Elway target 24 Oswego tea
28 Certain estimates 25 Direction from Levine
36 Midianite ruler 27 Defunct Russian parliament
37 Fabulist 28 Father of King Hadad: Gen. 36:35
38 Silvery fish 29 Dispatch boat
39 Beanie 30 Great Wall town
41 Hills 31 A U.N. member: Var.
43 ----- spumante 32 Raisin capital of the world
44 "----- Like It" 33 Remnants, in Roma
46 Scarf 34 Author of "The Augustan Ages"
47 High fashion 35 Bee bite
48 Gambler's plunge 40 Honshu port
52 Abstract being 42 Kind of steward
53 The Cornish Wonder 45 Cubiti
54 Sharp turn 49 Portuguese dollar
57 A-one 50 Rail supports
60 ----- salts 51 Swinger in the 40's
64 Avenges 54 Eastern Roman emperor
68 English river 55 He played Big Daddy
69 Catfish 56 Roman family group
70 Trammell of baseball 58 Poetry of a people
71 Thessaly peak 59 Sights on the Atl.
72 Georgian Aryan 61 One-man shows
73 Sharp point 62 City having a casbah
  DOWN 63 Ancient wall word
  1 Rigoletto's forte 65 Teachers' org.
  2 Prada offering 66 Have, in Haddington
  3 Cordial 67 N.Y.C. time zone

1987 New York Times