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Answer Grid to Hardest NYT Puzzle

Below is the answer grid for the hardest New York Times crossword puzzle.  If you want to work it first, go back a page to here.  Otherwise, go ahead and scroll down.

  • If you have not installed the Across Lite software you can print the answer grid from your browser or directly from Windows.  See below.

  • If you have installed the Across Lite software you can see or print the answer grid more easily from here.



If you have not installed the Across Lite software, here are two methods of printing the answer grid.  

  • Directly from Windows:  Simply click the button below and, when prompted, choose to print only page 3.  (This is no different from typing Control-P, I just wanted to show off.)

  • Using Internet Explorer:  Right-click the grid (xwdanswer54_224.gif, 4193 bytes, 224 X 224 pixels) and choose "Save Picture As . . ."  Then print the file -- which you may save to any folder on your hard drive and which you may rename to anything else if you like -- from your browser or any other application that can print a gif file.


xwdanswer54_224.gif (4193 bytes)

1987 New York Times

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This puzzle, which I have declared is a standout of the first order, has stimulated debate and discussion among several visitors.  If you would like to learn the impression of one such visitor -- a frequently published NYT crossword constructor whose ruminations are both instructive and entertaining -- you may read more here.

And while you're there you can print or play his re-worked version of the Hardest NYT puzzle.  It's the only NYT-quality crossword puzzle anyone ever even kind of wrote for me.

And you can also read about the single hardest clue in the single hardest NYT crossword, why Trilbies = FEET.

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