This page is for the Mark Manning art show of  2002.

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"The Nature of Art" by Mark Manning  

General page


2002 General

We are happy to announce that after months of planning, "The Nature of Art" -- a unique weekend, outdoor art show -- will be happening on September 28th and 29th of this year.  This site is being set up in order to help communicate the new information that pertains to this show.  Much of the information on our old site is still valid and will be useful as it relates to this show.  If you are not familiar with our previous show it may be helpful to you to take a few moments and visit the old site, but should you decide to stay here, you will do well.

In any case, welcome, thank you for stopping in.

There are many exciting changes and additions that we want to share with you.

We have tried to be sensitive to those elements that we believe made the first show so extraordinary and have used caution when tampering with them.  We have tried to expand upon the themes that were so warmly received.

With that in mind Mark has invited several of his friends to exhibit with him this year.  The artists he has selected are some of Kansas City's finest, their talent is immense.  He has purposely chosen artists who work in a variety of mediums.  You will see works in oil, watercolor, pastel and even wool.

These artists have brought their talent and artistic vision to bear upon the Turkey Creek Streamway Path, and their resulting canvases will be displayed along the path on this special weekend.

We believe this is an extremely rare presentation of art.  It is not very often that the public is able to see the subject and the artwork at the sane time.  And furthermore you will have the opportunity to see and compare how several artists interpert the same subject in their own unique style.

Or you can forget all the heady stuff and just enjoy a fine early fall day walking among the trees and viewing the creek and observing all the exquisite nature and watching all the other people there.  But there's more  . . .

And further expanding on the theme of "nature" and "art," on Saturday the Ernie Miller Nature Center will be bringing their collection of wild birds of prey and an exhibit of reptiles.  The center's representitives will give educational presentations and be available for questions all afternoon.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults alike to get a close-up, "human's eye" view of some of our native species of hawks and owls.

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"The Nature of Art" by Mark Manning  

General page

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