This is the gateway page to the Web site of Mark Manning's first two
special outdoor art shows, the one in 2000 and the one in 2002


September of 2000

"Take a Second Look at
Turkey Creek Streamway Park"

A unique weekend showing of watercolors by Mark Manning.  The theme is showing art OF the path ON the path.

September of 2002

"The Nature
  of Art"

Another unique weekend showing of outdoor art in the same location, with the same theme, by Mark Manning and friends.



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Update of March 2011: Mark's first two Merriam art shows came with their own Web sites, one for the 2000 show and another for the 2002 show.  There's a lot of information about Mark and the shows, as well as a lot of images of his paintings.  You probably got to this page from the page about Mark Manning here.