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Y2K Compliance

Privacy Policy

Statement of Y2K Compliance.  The officers, employees, agents, directors and owners of this Web site do hereby attest, affirm and certify that it complies with all enforceable "Y2K" compliance standards.  We further assert that as of this exact moment

it's well past January 1, 2000, so we'll stop bragging about how well this Web site weathered the Y2K bug.  (Answer: Perfeclty.)

Privacy Policy.  The officers, employees, agents, directors and owners of this Web site do hereby attest, affirm and certify and veritably assert that it complies with all enforceable privacy policy standards, plus which we guarantee that we are not smart enough or interested enough to know how to capture your e-mail addy or track your travels in the Internet or anything else remotely like that anyway.

Remotely, get it?

But seriously, you may always feel sure that nothing on this Web site will ever hurt your computer in any way.

Not-for-profit dot com

There are a few places throughout these several pages where I offer to pay you a dollar or two (and in one place a thousand), but nowhere is't t'other way 'round.  Despite several offers, this is still a thoroughly not-for-profit Web site.

Update of January 2010:  I somewhat regret to say the above is no longer true.  It was true from when I started this Web site in 1996 till now, when I accepted money in exchange for adding links to words and phrases in sentences I've added on three of these 330 or so pages.

Well, since January of 2010 I have taken money for adding or renewing links in February 2010, September 2010, October 2010, February 2011, twice in March 2011, June 2011, twice in September 2011, twice in October 2011, and once in January of 2012, and I expect to take more money for more links in the future.  These fees offset my annual ISP fees.

Let me make two points about these paid ads.

First, I have checked them all out several times and they all appear to be harmless, not only to your computer but to your sensibilities.  Some link to gambling sites, some to ordinary products, but none to porn sites or hate sites or anything like that.

Second, it is always at least somewhat obvious which links are for paid ads and which are the normal links.  They stand alone, or they're obviously out of context, or they are in some way uncharacteristic of the rest of my site.  The worst thing that can happen is that you waste a few seconds of time discovering that what you thought was one of my links was in fact a paid ad.

I insist on helping you distinguish between what I write and what the advertisers write.  In fact, I turned down a fee in September 2011 because the link was so smoothly woven into my text that it looked like it was written by me, and I'm unwilling to prostitute myself that far.  So far.


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