Oops -- 404 Not Found Error

It appears you've tried to reach a page that isn't, and the result is what's called a 404 Not Found Error.  This means that, for one reason or another, your browser has tried to show you a page, a particular URL, that doesn't currently exist on the server for this Web site.  The server detected the problem and redirected you to this very Oops page.

(You might want to take a look at the URL in the address bar of your browser, above, because that's likely the URL that you followed to get here.)

Why it happened  

There are four (4) possible reasons.

What to do next  

Steps you can take to make it better

(1) You mis-typed a URL in the address bar of your browser.

For example, you meant to type barelybad.com/home.htm but it came out barelybad.com/home.htn.

Re-type the URL.  (Duh.)
(2) You clicked a link to a URL that doesn't exist.

This is the same as the reason above, except it's not your fault.

First, where the link came from so it can be fixed.  That way, no one else will have to suffer the startling and unpleasant experience of getting this exact 404 error ever again.

Second, try any of the all-purpose suggestions below.

(3) The server that hosts this Web site screwed up.

In my experience with the Web hosting company I use, this is unlikely.

Neither you nor I can fix this independently, but at least I can let the hosting company know if you'll just .  If it is a temporary problem, just trying the URL again might work.

Beyond that, please try the all-purpose suggestions below to try to get back to someplace familiar.

(4) I screwed up.

In my experience with the brain I use, this is all too likely.

It's possible there's a link on this very Web site that sends you to a non-existent page.  If this is the reason you got to this Oops page, sorry.  Please do which link on which page you clicked to get here so I can fix it, and thanks.

Either way, next you should also consider the all-purpose suggestions below.


All-Purpose Suggestions for the 404 Error Message

Try any of these methods to get where you really want to go.

  • Click your Back button to go back to the page whence you came.  Maybe, when you get back there, you can figure out why you got sent to this very Oops page.

  • Start over by going to barelybad.com.

  • Go to the Site Search and Site Map page of the Barelybad Web site to try to find the page you want.

  • .

Of the many high-quality 404 pages on the Internet, unlike this one, a hypnotic one is at http://hotdot.pro/en/404/.

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